Replacement of Teeth

Replacement of teeth is important because
  • Eating and general health can be affected.
  • The overall appearance and the smile can deteriorate.
  • Teeth adjacent to lost teeth may drift and tilt.
  • The opposing tooth, over the space, can erupt because there is no opposite tooth to bite against, and
    keep it in place.
The various options of replacing teeth are determined by the position of the space, its size and the presence or absence of adjoining teeth. The various options are

Bridge is the best method to replace a missing tooth. Several types of bridges are available & can last many years. However due to natural wear, they need to be replaced or re-cemented.

  • Bridge helps to fill space of missing tooth & maintain facial shape.
  • This prevents remaining teeth from drifting into position.
  • It helps to restore smile, function & speaking ability.
  • It is an ideal form of replacement of removable partial denture.

Removable Dentures
A removable denture, either partial or full, is a common and cheaper option to replace missing single or multiple teeth.

Removable Dentures Benefits
  • Removable partial dentures are less complicated to fabricate, and cheaper than fixed bridge and implants.
  • It is helpful in improving your appearance and functional ability.
  • They can be firmly attached to remaining teeth with the help of clasps which can be easily removed by the wearer.