Root Canal Therapy

Painless Single Sitting Root Canal
Root canal therapy is required when tooth has decay or infection involving nerve of the tooth. In order to save the tooth, the nerve (the living tissue inside the tooth), bacteria, infection is removed & filled with a special filling material (Gutta Percha). This helps to restore the tooth to its full function.

Painless root canal treatment is nothing but treating root canal treatment under local anesthesia under one appointment.

Usually person desires to remove a tooth whenever in pain, thinking it to be the only solution. It is not realized that removal of tooth would be ultimately more expensive and result in significant problems for adjacent teeth later on.

Procedure of Root Canal Therapy involves:
  • Anesthetize the tooth using local anesthesia.
  • An access is made through the decayed part of tooth to expose the canals.
  • Standard tiny files are used to remove the content of canals. (nerve tissue, decay, bacteria)
  • These tiny files are used in increasing size to gently shape the canals so as to receive the filling material.
  • Once the tooth is thoroughly cleaned with medicines, it will be sealed with permanent filling material or temporary filling if additional appointment is required.
  • A Filling is placed on top of tooth to cover the opening (access cavity) of tooth.
  • Then a Crown is placed on top of tooth to prevent it from breaking & restore it to its full function.
Root canal therapy Image