Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Full mouth reconstruction refers to rebuilding and or replacing all the teeth in a patient’s mouth.

FMR deals with the science of treating a disfigured dental situation that involves the treatment of one or more teeth and helps them function in harmony with the muscles and TM joint.

Why is the balance required?

  • The teeth work in a very fine balance with the surrounding gums, muscles, and TM joints.

Multiple factors such as time, age, and diseases in combination with the stress of modern days can lead to the breakdown of one or more of these elements in our systems. All this leads to a poor unesthetic smile and may be complicated by frequent headaches and TM joint pain.

FMR checklist (any of the below signs or symptoms – kindly consult before it destroys your teeth and bite function to rejuvenate your bite and smile)

  • Shortened front teeth
  • Grinding of teeth while sleeping
  • Clenching teeth while contracting
  • Pain in muscles of the jaw
  • Severe wear of teeth which is causing sensitivity and generalized food lodgment