Other Treatments

We have some other treatments to Serve Patients

Instant Teeth Whitening

Even normal smile can be enhanced to give it that glamorous look.

Yes! At smile sensations, we transform dull yellowish teeth into brilliant white in less than 45 minutes. It is quick, safe and effective.


Jaw Joint Issues

Temporomandibular joint disorders affect jaw joints and surrounding ligaments and muscles.

It can be caused by various reasons which include an improper bite, trauma, wear and tear or arthritis.

Some common symptoms which patients may show include:-
  • Headache
  • Ear aches
  • Jaw tenderness &
  • facial pain

In this situation our expert doctors follow a approach to relieve these symptoms and correction of the bite.


Night guard

Night guard is also known as occlusal splint which is generally advised for patients who are habitual bruxers or heavy grinders or clenchers. These patients are at high risk of loosing their enamel leading to loss in vertical height of the tooth or sometimes even fracture of tooth. These patients are usually unaware of them being bruxers as most of this activity happens when he/ she sleeps.

Night guards are custom made trays for either upper or lower dental arch and has to be worn at night for 5-6 nights a week. When the night guard is worn it prevents the upper and lower teeth from touching each other and thus prevents the damage.


Dental x- rays

X-rays (Radiography) are the images of patients teeth which is used for diagnosis of the problem.


Gum Treatment

Gingivitis if untreated can lead to periodontitis and eventually lead to early loss of tooth and hence affecting your health.

Periodontal (gum) diseases which, includes gingivitis and periodontitis, are serious infections that, left untreated, can lead to mobility and eventually early loss of tooth. The word periodontal literally means "around the tooth." Periodontal disease can affect one tooth or multiple teeth. It begins when the bacteria in plaque (the sticky, colorless film that constantly forms on your teeth) causes the gums to become swollen and inflamed.


Gingivitis is the mildest form of gum disease. Gingivitis is often caused by improper and inadequate oral hygiene.


  • Gums become red and swollen and bleed easily.
  • There is usually little or no discomfort at this stage and it can go un-noticed.


Gingivitis is reversible with professional treatment and good oral home care like proper brushing and flossing, etc.


Wisdom tooth extractions

There are a few medications when we have to get our 3rd molar (Wisdom tooth) extraction done:-

  • Swelling around the 3rd molar
  • Recurrent Injection in that area
  • Very deep cavities- when the treatment approach is not possible



Dentures are removable appliances used for the replacement for missing teeth

There are of dentures depending on the number of teeth missing teeth.

There are two types of dentures depending on the number of teeth missing.

  • Complete:- which replace all upper or lower teeth.
  • Partial:- which replaces just 1 tooth or few missing teeth.

Dentures help to prevent problems with eating and speech. It also improves the appearance of patients smile and hence giving them a confidence.


Anti-Snoring Device

Snoring is a most common problem which can prevent people from falling into restorative stages of sleep and might disturb your sleeping pattern. People who snore need not necessarily have obstructive sleep apnea, but most people with obstructive sleep apnea do snore. The main cause of sleep apnea is that, during sleep the tongue and throat muscles relax too much, enough to temporarily collapse and block breathing for about 30 seconds. If not checked, sleep apnea can lead to high blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases, weight gain, headaches and memory problems. To reduce or correct this problem anti - snoring device are available recently.


Tooth Jewellery

Tooth jewellery is an accessory which is placed on the tooth which is visible while talking or smiling.

It makes our personality more unique & fashionable.

It includes placing diamonds or gems on the teeth.

In this procedures, there is no drilling, no pain and minimal maintenance after the placements, also its removal is a very easy process.

In smile sensations dental clinic, we provide you with best affordable rates.