Painless Root Canals And Dental fillings

We restore all kinds of cavities and lost tooth structures. Here at Smile sensations Dental clinic, we conservatively restore your decayed or broken tooth structure.

The tooth comprises 3 layers, Enamel, Dentin, pulp

Root Canal Procedure


The first two layers, Enamel and Dentin are hard layers of the tooth. If the cavity is there in the first two layers, then we restore the cavity with tooth-colored fillings.

Once the cavity reaches the third layer which is pulp (soft tissue in the tooth)it gets infected.

Now the treatment plan is to do the root canal and save the tooth from further damage.

It is a complex procedure that involves a highly skilled doctor and an expert root canal specialist. We take great pride in providing very successful and pain-free root canals for thousands of our patients since 2008.